(25) Pk. Printer Seeded Paper

(25) Pk. Printer Seeded Paper


PRODUCT DETAILS:  See Lotka Computer Paper made in Napal from the bark of the Daphne Bush for a continued supply (non-seeded).

This natural Lotka paper made from the bark of the Daphne bush is thin to print on.  Design your image and insert the Lotka computer paper into your ink jet printer and print bookmarks, notecards, invitations, use as natural labels to wrap around handmade soaps and products.

This North American Wildflower Mix contains:
15 annual and perennial species. Tolerates partial shade; needs 4 hours per day of direct sunlight and grows to about 3'. Contains: Mountain Garland, Siberian Wallflower, Shasta Daisy, Chinese Houses, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Spurred Snapdragon, Forget-Me-Not, Johnny-Jump-Up, Blue Pimpernel, Chinese Forget-me-not, European Columbine, Annual Candytuft, Sweet William, Foxglove, Annual Baby's Breath, Baby Blue Eyes and Corn Poppy.  If you plant this paper in a pot or in a garden cover it with just 1/8" of soil and keep moist until established.  These flowers need 4 hours a day of direct sunlight and grow about 3'.
Printers vary, suggest one sheet at a time

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