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Specializing in Affordable Blank Books, Bookmark Kits, Tassels...For Artists!
Affordable Paperweights and Coaster Kits

Passport Books (24) Pgs. are blank inside to add stickers, stamps, photos, pictures, tickets, mementos of your travel. 6x8 Blank Hard CoverLandscape Book (28) Pgs. Your artwork "Clearly Captured' - "Give Monogram Paperweights to everyone on your gift list" 8X8 Chunky Board Book (8) pgs.
Your Artwork Clearly Captured" Quality Made In The USA Suggested Media:  Stamps, embossing, color crayons, colored pencils, markers 9x10.75 Soft Cover Paper Back Blank Book 35 Solid Floss Colors (25) Pks.
Acrylic Round Coaster Kit
Sale Price: $3.79
PRODUCT DETAILS: 25 Pc. Big Class Puzzle measures 25"x25". Each of its sturdy 25 pieces measure 5"x5". 8x6 Portrait Plus Hard Cover Lined Journal (60) Pgs. As Found In Major Book Stores on Bookmark Racks Perfect For Young Illustrators
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