25 Pk. Bulk Closeout Extra Pocket Checkbook Covers

25 Pk. Bulk Closeout Extra Pocket Checkbook Covers

25.00 45.00

Vinyl Checkbook with Extra Photo Pocket (25 Pk.) BB-VINCHK3 CLOSEOUT SALE!

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These vinyl checkbooks have the following features:
Fully open 6.5" x 7.25" a little larger than a standard checkbook cover for your artwork, checks fit great with a duplicate flap.
• New spine construction is more durable
• 12 mil heavy duty vinyl material
• Use for side or top tear checks with duplicate flap
• Additional pockets also can be used for pocket calendars 

Note: Vinyl is a perishable commodity and can deteriorate over time. Storing vinyl products in extreme temperatures or humidity can accelerate the deterioration of vinyl substrate. It is advised that you store vinyl products at room temperature to extend the useful life. Many Vinyl producers do not ship vinyl products when temperatures fall below 10 to 20 degrees. Customers accept responsibility should the product deteriorate due to storing temperature. To make supple and flat use a hair dryer and stack heavy book on top

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