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BB-TM100C   (100) Pk. Chainette Bookmark Tassels Solid & Wild Packs Price: $19.99-$24.99-HOT SELLER!
BB-TM100F   (100) Pk. Floss Solid Color Bookmark Tassels Price $15.99-$17.99- HOT SELLER!
BB-TM100FW   (100) Pks. Mixed Variety Floss Tassel Price $19.99
BB-BKMRKS   (25) Pk. Blank Card Stock Bookmarks
BB-TM25C   (25) Pk. Chainette Solid & Wild Variety Bookmark Tassels Price: $5.99-$7.99-HOT SELLER!
BB-SK89   1 Lot of 10 Blank Banner Sticker Sheets
BB-9292   11x8 Big Blank Portrait Writers Journal (92) Pgs.
BB-1802   11x8 Big Portrait Blank Book (28) Pgs.
BB-BC18   11x8 Big Portrait Book Covers
BB-5018   11x8 Big Portrait Lined Blank Book (28) Pgs.
BB-PP14   11x9 XL Big Blank Portrait Books (28) Pgs. Select 11x9 XL Box at Shipping
BB-PP30   11x9 XXL Big Portrait Plus Blank Journal (60) Pgs. Select 11x9 XL Box at Shipping
BB-97655   19" Aluminum Table Top Hinged-Fold Artist Easel
BB-852216-17BS   2" Small Silk Craft Tassels (12) Pk.
BB-BPC-02   2.5 x 3.5 Brights Playing Cards (52) Pk.
BB-BPC-01   2.5 x 3.5 White Playing Cards (52) Pk.
BB-GM03-04   24" Blank Round Game Boards (2) Styles
BB-TM25F   25 Pk. Floss Bookmark Tassels in Wild & 35 Solid Colors-HOT SELLER!
BB-BPC-03   3.5 x 4 Brights Jumbo Playing Cards (52) Pk.
BB-BPC-04   3.5 x 4 White Jumbo Playing Cards (52) Pk.
BB-77642   4.25" x 5.5" Assorted Color Blank Booklets 24 Pgs. (20) Pk.
BB-77643   4.25" x 5.5" Blank Booklets 24 Pgs. (20) Pk.
BB-5038-01   4x6 Blank Pocket Journal (100) Pgs.
BB-55-4647S   5" Steel Silver or Gold Metal Bookmarks (1)
BB-3601   5X5 Chunky Board Book (8) Pgs.
BB-3333   6X6 Square Blank Book (28) Pgs. Price $2.79
BB-2501   6x8 Blank Hard Cover Landscape Book (28) Pgs.
BB-BC25   6x8 Landscape Book Covers
BB-27PB   6x8 Paperback Blank Book (32) pgs.
BB-98100-3   7 Pc. Nylon Brush Set
BB-CGG-RMT   7" Red Metallic Tinsel Bookmark Tassels
BB-CC25   8.5x11 Big Blank Comic Book (12) Pgs.
BB-SEEDPRNTPAPR   8.5x11 Blank Embedded Seed Printable Computer Paper (25 Pk.)
BB-PB01-01   8.5x11 Blank Hardcover Expandable Book
BB-1601   8x10 Big Hard Cover Landscape Book (28) Pgs.
BB-BC16   8x10 Big Landscape Book Covers
BB-3603   8x11 Chunky Board Book (8) Pgs.
BB-3602   8x6 Chunky Board Book (8) Pgs.
BB-2705   8X6 Portrait Blank Book (28) Pgs.
BB-BC27   8x6 Portrait Book Covers
BB-5027   8x6 Portrait Lined Blank Book (28) Pgs. Price $2.79
BB-6060   8x6 Portrait Plus Hard Cover Blank Journal (60) Pgs.
BB-PP5060   8x6 Portrait Plus Hard Cover Lined Journal (60) Pgs.
BB-3604   8X8 Chunky Board Book (8) pgs.
BB-8888   8X8 Square Hard Cover Blank Book (28) Pgs.
BB-18PB   9x10.75 Paperback Blank Book (32) pgs.-HOT SELLER!
AP-154   Acrylic Rectangle Coaster Kit-while supplies last
AP-150   Acrylic Round Coaster Kit-while supplies last
BB-SHIPPING   additional shipping cost
BB-2GBM   BB-2GBM Clear Peel Strip Bags 100 Pk. Sizes>
BB-3GBM   BB-3GBM Large Clear Peel Strip Bags 100 Pk. Sizes>
BB-4GBM   BB-4GBM XL Clear Peel Strip Bags 100 Pk. Sizes>
BB-5GBM   BB-5GBM Grande Clear Peel Strip Bags 100 Pk. Sizes>
BB-CSP8   BB-CSP8 Drawsting Pouches
BB-GD-3333   BB-GD-3333 Line Guide Square
BB-GD16-1601   BB-GD16-1601 Big Line Guide Landscape
BB-GD18-1802   BB-GD18-1802 Big Line Guide Portrait
BB-GD25-2501   BB-GD25-2501 Standard Line Guide Landscape
BB-GD27-2705   BB-GD27-2705 Standard Line Guide Portrait
BB-GM01-02   BB-GM01-02 18" Square Blank Game Boards (2) Styles
BB-GP01-02KIT   BB-GP01-02KIT Game Kit Pieces
AP-14226   Beaded Dome Paperweight
BB18-2700-15   Big Blank Book-Clowns-New!
BB18-2700-1806   Big Blank Books-Arts
BB18-2700-1801   Big Blank Books-Dinosaurs
BB18-2700-1807   Big Blank Books-Dragons
BB18-2700-1899   Big Blank Books-Ocean
BB18-2700-16   Big Blank Books-Rainforest
BB-PZ25   Big Floor Puzzle 25"X 25" (25) Pcs.-HOT SELLER!
BB-42650-02   Blank Brights Bookmarks (100) Pk.
BB-GFT01-O2   Blank Game Board Kits (4) Styles
BB-PZ35   Blank Jigsaw Puzzle (35) Pcs.
BB-32600   Blank Passport Book (24) Pgs. (1)
BB-32600-100   Blank Passport Books (24) Pgs. 100 Pk.
BB-BPC   Blank Playing Cards (4) Styles $2.49-$2.99
BB18-2700   Blank Themed Hard Cover Coloring Books (28) Pgs. in 17 Styles!
BB-42650-01   Blank White Bookmarks (100) Pk
BB-42650   Brights or White Blank Bookmarks (100) Pk. Price: $8.99
CHAINETTE-SAMPLES   Chainette Tassel Samples Pick (21) Colors
BB-TM25CP   Chainette Wild Variety (25) Pk.
BB-CHBMKITCS   Chainette Wild Variety Tassel Bookmark Kit (25) Pk.-HOT SELLER!
BB-VINCHK2   Clear Checkbook Cover (1)
BB-10404   Cra-Z-Art Quality Colored Pencils (12) Pk.
BB-10087   Cra-Z-Art Quality Markers (10) Pk.
AP-1424   Dome Magnifier Paperweight
BB-VINCHK3   Extra Art Pocket Checkbook Cover (1)
BB-FBS FLOSS SAMPLES   Floss Bookmark Samples Our Price $.25
BB-TMFMETBM25G   Floss Gold Metallic Elastic Tassels 5" (25) Pk.
BB-TMFMETBM100G   Floss Gold Metallic Elastic Tassels 5" (100) Pk.
BB-TMFMETBM50G   Floss Gold Metallic Elastic Tassels 8" (50) Pk.
BB-TMFMET   Floss Metallic Elastic Tassels 5" and 8" (25/100) Pk.
BB-TMFMETBM100S   Floss Silver Metallic Elastic Tassels 5" (100) Pk.
BB-TMFMETBM25S   Floss Silver Metallic Elastic Tassels 5" (25) Pk.
BB-TMFMETBM50S   Floss Silver Metallic Elastic Tassels 8" (50) Pk.
BB-TMBMKIT   Floss Wild Variety Bookmark Kit (25) Pk.
BB-42650-03   Floss Wild Variety Bookmark Tassels (100) Pk.
BB-WILDDOTD   Floss Wild Variety Bookmark Tassels 25 Pk.
BB-09343270120   Giant Glass Gems Approx. (20) Pcs.-While Supplies Last
AP-55-700   Hinged Glass Pendant Frames
BB-TM100C-HOT-PINK   Hot Pink Chainette Bookmark Tassels 100 Pk.
BB-TM25C-HOT-PINK   Hot Pink Chainette Bookmark Tassels 25 Pk.
BB-PL6   Metallic Crayons (6) Pk.
BB-5038-02   Natural Jute Drawstring Game Parts Bag
BB-TM100C-ORANGE   Orange Chainette Bookmark Tassels 100 Pk.
AP-14229   Oval Glass Paperweight
AP-FINISHING PADS   Peel 'N Stick Finishing Pads
AP-14232   Plain Dome Glass Paperweight
BB-CT22   Plastic Call-Out/Shapes Template (1)
BB-PL12   Plastic Erasable Crayons (12) Pk.
BB-PB01KIT   Post Bound Page Inserts & Extenders Kit (10) Pgs.
BB-TM100P   Program Tassels 9.5" Adjustable 100 Pk.
BB-TM25P   Program Tassels 9.5" Adjustable 25 Pk.
AP-14201   Rectangle Glass Paperweight
AP-14210   Round Glass Paperweight As Featured In Good Housekeeping
AP-14216   Round Recessed Glass Paperweight
BB18-2700-14   Standard Blank Books-Flowers & Strawberries
BB-TM25BMK   Tasselmart's Wild Mix Bookmark Kit (25) Pk.-HOT SELLER!
BB-42650-04   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves (100) Pk.
BB-HBM1   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM1 (25) Pk.
BB-HBM100   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM100 (100) Pk.
BB-HBM2   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM2 (25) Pk.
BB-HBM200   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM200 (100) Pk.
BB-HBM4   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM4 (25) Pk.
BB-HBM400   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM400 (100) Pk.
BB-HBM5   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM5 (25) Pk.
BB-HBM500   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves HBM500 (100) Pk.
BB-MAG1   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves MAG1 (25) Pk.
BB-MAG100   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves MAG100 (100) Pk.
BB-MAG2   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves MAG2 (25) Pk.
BB-MAG200   Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves MAG200 (100) Pk.
BB-SAMPLER-VS-6PK   Vinyl Sleeves Sampler with Item #'s (6) Pk.
BB-TM100C-Wild-Basics   Wild Basics
BB-TM25C-Wild-Basics   Wild Basics
BB-TM100C-Wild-Brights   Wild Brights
BB-TM100C-Wild-Ocean   Wild Ocean
BB-TM100C-Wild-Pinks-Purples   Wild Pinks-Purples
BB-TM25C-RWB   Wild Triple Twist Red/White/Blue Chainette (25) Pk.
BB-TM100C-Wild-Variety   Wild Variety
BB-TM25F-Wild-Variety   Wild Variety
BB-TM100F-Wild-Variety   Wild Variety Floss Bookmark Tassels 100 Pk.
AP-14233   XL Dome Glass Paperweight
AP-14228   XL Oval Glass Paperweight
AP-14227   XL Rectangle Glass Paperweight

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