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Specializing in Affordable Blank Books, Bookmark Kits, Tassels...For Artists!
Affordable Paperweights and Coaster Kits

Suggested Media:  Stamps, embossing, color crayons, colored pencils, markers 9" Black metal wire table top easel 6x8 Blank Hard CoverLandscape Book (28) Pgs. 8x6 Portrait Plus Hard Cover Lined Journal (60) Pgs.
6x8 Soft Cover All Blank Paperback Illustration Book Growing Greetings printable seed paper is safe to print at home that will sprout flowers if planted.  Make your own bookmarks, notecards, invitations, announcements from your home computer! 8X8 Chunky Board Book (8) pgs. Perfect For Young Illustrators
As Found In Major Book Stores on Bookmark Racks Complete Bookmark Tassel Kits.  
These floss bookmark tassels a wild assortment mix in packs of 25. Colors may be repeated or omitted

Sold Exclusively at Tasselmart!  Great for photo booth strips for weddings! Your Artwork Clearly Captured" Quality Made In The USA New 6X6 Square Blank Books are another great size for young illustrators, great for field trips, vacations, recipes...
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